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Drop by off by Biarritz on your way to the pyrennees

Biarritz is a famous commune that is part of the New Aquitaine region. It is also a large agglomeration belonging to the Pyrénées-Atlantiques where live more than 30 000 inhabitants. This territory being an adjoining zone between France and Spain is an area of ​​passage of the travelers between the two countries. It is therefore a stopover which is also one of the most important in this region. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of the hexagon, hence its fame and the high level of frequentation in the territory.

Biarritz and tourism

Tourism is not just a part of the economy for this municipality. It is even its pillar. The authorities therefore favored all the activities that revolve around tourism in the area. These include luxury hotels, restaurants of all kinds, rooms and clubs for sports and wellness.

Being one of the best surfing spots in the country, Biarritz also has various activities around this sport such as surfboard hire, surfing initiation clubs etc. This activity is one of the best things to do in biarritz.

Moreover, the municipality has several exceptional tourist sites such as religious sites, museums, old harbors and historical places like the rock of the Virgin and so on.

Biarritz a path to the Pyrenees

If the other side of Biarritz is marked by the sea, its other side is particularized by the chain of the Pyrenees. So if we plan to explore the latter, we can enjoy it to visit Biarritz and discover all the wonders it hides. It is not only an opportunity to enjoy these beautiful beaches but also a better time to better know this territory, its history, geography and population.

Moreover, it turns out to be the closest town on the way to the Pyrenees. One must then necessarily go through there to get supplies especially if one makes hikes. Indeed, the towns of the municipality of Biarritz have all that it takes to satisfy the travelers: food, equipments etc.