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Publié le 23 Décembre 2016 à 11h43 - 702 vues

Vacation rental website with a “Book now” button - Try now!

It is not easy to have a vacation rental website with automatic and effective applications. It is obviously necessary to invest on professionals for the design but it is also necessary to adopt software made for this type of site. A good rental holiday rental platform will have to have an application allowing customers to make reservations online. To do this, it is better to implement these online booking tools grouped together in a single software solution.

What is the "Book" button used for?

This type of application has a two-way role. First, it is first and foremost a function that allows to manage rentals with all the planning of the guest room: availability and registration of new reservations. It is also the way for visitors to make appointments on the page. Generally, this function is displayed on the page where there are photo illustrations of the offers. In fact, this device makes it possible to offer rentals per hour or per day. This means that there will be more or less flow on the page. It is nevertheless important to manage the places available as well as those that are occupied or have just been released and this is the only way to achieve this accurately without mistakes. This module also allows you to track the number of places reserved in the same period, the rate applied for the accommodation, the opening and closing times.

How do I configure the reservation module?

This online reservation key is not functional as soon as it is installed. To make it possible to book on a holiday rental platform, it is essential to use a vacation rental software. It is the type of technology that installs and develops directly on the site and that offers an automation to the entire reservation system thus facilitating the management of the site. In general, this application is accompanied by another payment function. These two devices are essential to make the site an interactive platform that can be used by visitors.